The Groghead

The project was visualized as a resto bar with the microbrewery inside with colonial British feel for the upmarket clients. The architect briefed that he wished the lighting to be of softer tones and to highlight the key architectural features of the interiors. Dimming was a strong requirement as that would have helped us to create a right lighting ambience as per the different moods of the evening.

How the Projects furnished: The key focal point was bar front. The front lights at the bar were planned with a dimming option. Since there was onyx stone placed on the front which was to be fixed, we planned to install LED lights which would be maintenance free. A cavity was created between the brick wall and the stone for mounting the LEDs. All the hardware was kept in a cabinet behind the bar counter so that quick repair and maintenance was easier. The bottle racks were lit from below so that the color of liquor looks interesting and the labels of the bottles are visible.
The artwork on the walls was lit with specially created ceilings mount fix with beam angles and lumens to match the requirement. The pathway on the rooftop was given a floor cove decks light feel to light the cobbled stones. The plants were lit from below to give a romantic feel to the ambience.

Conclusion: The project was successfully completed with the end result being as per the expectations of the client and the designers. The launch party was heavily attended & rave reviews were received for the lighting ambience.

4000 sq.ft

3-4 Street, months

Mr. Amardeep Gulri from Deco Arte,, East of Kailash, Delhi

LED strips, Dimmer with digital display, RGB for Cove, etc

Luz Light Design Studio Private Limited