About Us

Passion coupled with Creativity

A friendship that turned into a business relationship.
Entrepreneurs Sanjeev Dang and Samir Agarwal first met in the year 1999. Sanjeev was into manufacturing lights while Samir’s expertise belonged to the sale of lights. This manufacturer-seller duo soon became good friends and this friendship transformed into a business relationship which led to the birth of Luzlight. Born in 2003 with a vision to provide lighting consultancy to designers, architects and engineers, Luzlight soon became an expert in large commercial lighting work.

With a team of experts ranging from designers to technicians and researchers to sales representatives, Luzlight operates at the heart of the Indian capital, New Delhi. Be it LED lighting for large retail spaces like office, residential lighting, landscaping and facade, our committed team always comes up with the best solutions. Our team members are not just skilled but they also strive hard to keep focus on customer satisfaction.

We also believe in giving back to the society. Through the Luzedu initiative, we impart our knowledge to the upcoming professionals in the field of lighting. By conducting educational seminars in architecture and interior design schools across India, we train the students about the various lighting products, restoration hardware and their creative usages in a variety of applications.Look for relevant and credible sources of information, such as a good book report, to back up your opinion or argument essay editing service

LED lighting

With our lighting solutions, we are taking lighting beyond imagination. We empower our customers by creating amazing new lighting experiences and enabling outstanding business results. This commitment permeates everything we do, driving us to continuously develop and improve our products and the processes necessary to fulfill today’s needs for effective lighting solutions.


Human Touch Lighting

Irrespective of the area under consideration, we believe in following a holistic approach to decide on the lighting solution of a living space. We refer to this unique approach as ‘Human Touch Lighting’.

Analyze the room structure and walls

We begin by analyzing the structure of the room. From the furniture plan to painting placements, we analyze everything as part of this process.We also take consideration factors like curtain placements, wallpapers, feature walls etc. to come up with a top-class lighting solution.

Analyze the floor and the ceiling

The way lights perform vary considerably depending on the type of materials used for the construction of the floor and the ceiling. This is an important factor and we study this very carefully. We consider both the material used for the flooring and its color. Finally, we move to our primary point of focus that is the ceiling which can make or break the room lights.

Consider the human dynamics consulting

We know that even the best lighting might not suit some people as age, lifestyle and other factors also have a crucial part to play. Our team ensures that this is considered while designing the solution. We feel that this human touch that we bring into our solutions is what really sets us apart.

Passion coupled with Creativity

Our team is passionate about creating the perfect ambience with our LED lighting products. We understand that the ambience of a place goes a long way in deciding the mood of the people when they visit it. This understanding makes us all the more committed to designing solutions that best suit your business or homes. Though overlooked quite often, the ambience of your retail space is a crucial factor that determines the buying mood of your customers. We strive hard to set the right mood for your customers by understanding the interiors and suggesting the products in lighting.

Our creativity helps us fulfill this passion of creating the best lighting solutions. We believe that every space is unique in its own way. Hence, every space needs a unique lighting solution to create the perfect ambience. Our creative approach, courtesy a team of highly skilled technicians, helps us to come up with new and innovative lighting solutions. This passion and creativity help us to deliver not just any lighting solution but the most cost effective and energy saving for your business.